Welcome To Your Interior Haven.

Venture into the world of Mason Grey Interiors, not just another design studio, but a blend of timeless elegance and hands-on attention. Located in the heart of Newtown Square, a stone’s throw from Gentile’s, this sanctuary is more than just a design studio – it’s a narrative that has evolved from a cozy country landmark to a modern haven of aesthetic designs.

Versatile, Elegant, and Pragmatic

“We’re not about fleeting trends. We’re about making lasting choices,” opines Block. From our three-tier pillow pricing to the bespoke CR Laine sofas, we infuse both quality and flexibility into our offerings. Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect rooster-free room or seeking red-wine repelling fabrics, our palette is as diverse as your dreams.

Beyond Interiors - Building Dreams

Mason Grey is not just about the aesthetics. Looking to renovate or build from scratch? Lean on our robust experience with area home builders, a testament to our lineage and love for creating spaces. From model homes to reviving the most challenging of spaces, we pride ourselves in turning any canvas into a masterpiece.

Our Vision

Much like our clientele, we share a passion for creating custom-designed spaces that echo personal visions. We work intimately with clients, builders, and architects, ensuring that every nook and cranny is a reflection of you. Our commitment? Timeless beauty, managed budgets, and an experience that’s seamless from start to finish.

Heritage and Craft

Nestled in a charming 3-bedroom abode that whispers tales from the 1920s, Villanova’s Maureen Block, with the intricate hand of Claire Sautter, breathed life into this historical structure. The Mason Grey journey goes beyond mere design, offering a slice of history and homeliness. Our unique “mock” rooms, ranging from the kitchen to the foyer, let you immerse in the design, allowing you to visualize and feel every piece before making it a part of your world.

Offerings By Mason Grey Interiors

Indulge in these exclusive offerings, curating a life and space as magnificent as you.

Elegant Space Transformation: Reimagine your living space to resonate with your unique style and desires.

Vivid Color Palettes: Experience personal color presentations that breathe life and luxury into every corner of your haven.

Window Elegance: Revel in bespoke window treatments and plush pillows, carefully crafted to your taste.

Lavish Sleep Sanctuary: Drift away in our custom-made bedding selections, ensuring every night feels like a retreat.

Finishing Touches: Choose from luxurious paint and wallpaper collections to bestow each room with its own personality.

Artistic Expressions: Immerse yourself in the world of fine art with hand-picked oil paintings, bringing gallery elegance to your home.