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This is Our Story.

Our Origin: From Bittersweet Beginnings to Design Excellence

The Mason Grey narrative is deeply intertwined with a dream. Maureen Block, our esteemed founder from Villanova, was inspired by a quaint location formerly known as Bittersweet Farm—a once-beloved hub for interiors. Embracing her rich familial legacy in the world of design, Maureen saw beyond mere aesthetics, envisioning a service that melded history with contemporary needs.

Elevate Your Living Space with Mason Grey Interiors

Desiring to transform your living room ambiance? Or perhaps you’re looking to reimagine an entire space? At Mason Grey Interiors, we don’t just offer products—we curate experiences. Located just off the Main Line, our design studio in Newtown Square stands as a beacon for those seeking exceptional interior design services tailored to individual tastes.

Where History Meets Modern Design Expertise

In collaboration with Claire Sautter, her mother and co-owner acclaimed as an interior design virtuoso, the duo transformed a distinctive 3-bedroom home—believed to have its roots in the iconic Sears catalog of 1920. Today, this space goes beyond its charming gingham and rooster-themed past, serving as a studio that epitomizes timeless design techniques combined with modern sensibilities.

Crafting Experiences Tailored to You

But what truly distinguishes Mason Grey is our holistic approach to design. We’ve fashioned spaces that serve as real-life design templates, encompassing kitchens, living rooms, dining areas, and foyers. This immersive experience enables our clients to visualize and co-create alongside our design team, ensuring that every design recommendation is tailor-made for you.

Engage with Mason Grey Interiors

Where history, expertise, and personalized design services converge to craft spaces that echo your vision and aspirations.

Maureen Block, Founder